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XF Film

XF-Film and products, including Tarpaulins & Custom Covers, are made by a A$1.1 billion plastics specialist manufacturer. It is made under a Swiss patented process using precise and advanced manufacturing technology.

XF film is an extremely strong and high performing material. It is strong, yet lightweight, flexible yet tougher than any other comparable material. This makes ARK Tarps and Covers a superior alternative to any other comparable tarp or cover.

XF Process 1

XF-films are made of Multi-layered, Cross laminated film. This means that each of our Tarpuline and Cover layers is completely waterproof and UV-resistant. The XF-film Tarpaulin is a far superior product to Woven Tarps. A comparison of XF-film and woven tarps can be seen here.

Tarps and covers made from XF-film are a superior choice and the benefits can be summarised as:

  • Better elongation and stretch memory
  • Lightweight
  • 50% Higher strength
  • Increased durability and abrasion resistance
  • More than twice the stretch allows for a tighter fit
  • Substantially reduced tear propagation. Accidental tears do not expand unless very high force is applied.
  • Can be repaired on site.
  • Engineered strength embedded in ALL directions
  • And most importantly – Impermeable to water.
  • UV protection is built into all layers and lasts for life of the product.
  • Resists all weather conditions and remains flexible in -50 ℃ to 60 ℃.

XF-film is a versatile material with varied applications. Tarpaulin and Covers are just one of the many uses. It can be converted by various processes such as Sealing, Printing and Die cutting. Check out its applications below or here.

The only Australian Company to bring you the WORLD’S BEST TARPAULINS and COVERS made from XF-film, a SWISS PATENTED product.

ARK Tarps provides high-quality products that allow you to experience the XF difference! This means that our multi-use tarpaulins and XF-Film products will meet all of your various requirements and more. From Agricultural and Construction applications to General Covers and Applications, whatever your need, ARK Tarps has got you covered!


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