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Camping Tarps

Lightweight, Strong & Reliable Camping Tarps

ARK Camping Tarps have been designed with the avid camper in mind. They are strong, yet lightweight, 100% waterproof and they don’t crack or peel in the sun. If you want a waterproof camping tarp that is also lightweight and strong you don’t need to look any further than ARK Tarps.

Better Than Your Average Camping Tarp

ARK Camping Tarps are made out of XF Film. This is a specialised Swiss patented film that makes our tarps strong, reliable and 100% waterproof for life. The highly unique and specialised production process uses precise and advanced manufacturing technology to bring you tarps that are unlike anything commonly found in the market.

Tried & Tested

Our Camping Tarps are tried and tested in the Australian bush as well as in gruelling outdoor conditions and have performed consistently and exceptionally well!

Additionally, the camping tarps have a very high tear Strength and come with Ultrasonic Welded Eyelets which are strongest in class.

The ARK Camping Tarps come in different grades of strength and sizes, depending on your requirements you can select the most appropriate type of tarp that you need for your next camping trip!

If you only require a tarp to be used as a ground cover or ground sheet during camping, then we would recommend getting the Medium Duty Tarp. If your tarp is going to be used as a temporarily suspended shelter then we would recommend going for a stronger grade such as an Extra Heavy Duty Tarp.

Check out our range of camping tarps below!

Note – we recommend our stronger grade tarps with stronger eyelets where the tarp is to be used as a suspended roof shelter or where strong pressure will be applied to the corners and side eyelets. The performance of each tarp varies in accordance with the use and type of install.

Including Camping Tarps, we stock many different types and sizes of tarps for sale! You can use our tarp finder to find the perfect tarp for your application or check out our extensive range of tarps and covers here.