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Hay Tarps


Hay Tarps face some of the most challenging conditions and need to be designed to withstand those conditions and ensure that the Hay remains dry and free of moisture. Hay Tarps need to be strong, reliable, waterproof and UV resistance. ARK Hay Tarps meet all of these essential requirements and more! Our tarps are made out of XF Film, it is a specialised swiss patented film that makes our tarps strong, reliable and 100% waterproof for life. To give you an idea of its strength, a 200 GSM ARK Hay Tarp is equivalent or greater to a 400GSM poly tarp! It Outlasts and Outperforms common Woven Tarps by a factor of 2x plus.

Our Hay Tarps are specifically made to withstand the harsh climates found in Australia and New Zealand, they will not peel, crack or disintegrate in the sun and they come with a 3-year UV Guarantee! On top of all this they are guaranteed to remain 100% waterproof for the life of the tarp.

We understand how moisture can have an adverse impact on hay and the importance of properly covering hay and keeping it dry. That is why we have developed our Hay Tarps to have bigger eyelets, so that a Hay Anchor Bolt or Screw can be threaded through the eyelet and keep the tarp snug against the hay bale, preventing wind or water from getting underneath the tarp. ARK Tarps are the inventors of the Hay Anchor Tarps.

Additionally, our eyelet design allows you to tie ropes through the Hay Anchor Bolts to give the tarp extra protection and strength against strong winds. When installed correctly, ARK Hay Tarps will keep your hay bales free from moisture, and the silver side will reflect the sunlight keeping the hay covered under the tarp cool and dry. You will not find any other Hay Tarp that is designed to give you a complete Hay Tarping Solution.

Including the Hay Tarp, we stock many different types and sizes of tarps for sale! You can use our tarp finder above to find the perfect tarp for your application or check out our extensive range of tarps and covers below.

We strongly encourage that you put ropes over the hay tarp in order to prevent the wind from getting underneath the tarp and putting strain on the eyelets.

Our Hay Anchor Bolts are designed to be used with a drill machine and are not to be hammered. The bolts will require a 15/16″ or 24mm socket head for fitting with a cordless drill

Important Attributes:

  • UV Resistant – Guaranteed for 3 years – Free replacement if Tarp peels or cracks or is no longer waterproof due to UV degradation.
  • Does not peel or crack….hence no coating flakes falling of tarps and mixing in Hay.
  • Large sizes can be supplied as single pieces. Largest one piece Tarp was made to cover an entire soccer field.
  • Heat Sealed joints guarantee NO Leakage.
  • Impermeable, 100% waterproof through its life, excellent Vapor barrier protection.
  • Ultrasonic welded eyelets – strongest in class!
  • Lightweight: easier installation and take downs – easy to handle, transport and use.
  • Excellent Tensile strength – Engineered strength in all directions.
  • Very high Tear Strength – accidental tears do not expand unless considerable force is applied.
  • Strong, Tough and Puncture resistant.
  • Outlasts and Outperforms common Woven Tarps by a factor of 2x plus.
  • High Stretch and Elongation means easy to use over odd shaped objects.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Suitable for use in -50 ℃ to +60 ℃.
  • Inert to most Chemicals and Alkalis.
  • 100% recyclable.

Please Contact Us for your requirements of Hay Tarps!

Size (m) Type of Bale Approx Bale Stack Approx No. of Eyelets  Price Incl GST
Excl Freight
2W x 3.5L Square Bale Single Square Bale 16 $100.00
3.5W x 26L Square Bale 20 Deep 80 $699.00
3.5W x 50L Square Bale 40 Deep 144 $1,350.00
7W x 26L Square Bale 20 Deep 90 $1,100.00
7W x 50L Square Bale 40 Deep 154 $1,999.00
5W x 9L Round Bale 2 1 – 7 Deep 38 $350.00
5W x 15W Round Bale 2 1 – 12 Deep 54 $540.00
8.5W x 15L Round Bale 3 2 1 – 12 Deep 66 $750.00

Hay Anchor Bolts are included in the above price.

Please contact us at 03 9580 3563 to place your order for Hay Tarps.