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Weed Control Tarps

Weed Control Tarps

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Weed Management – The Smart Way
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Weed Management – The Smart Way, let nature do the work for you!

Successful vegetable growing is about successful weed control. If you do not keep the weeds in check, the vegetables will suffer, the farmer will suffer and the farm will follow.

You need the right tools to get the right outcome. ARK Weed Control Tarps, are UV-Stabilised with a 3-year UV guarantee, and are 100% waterproof for life. They have been tried and tested in gruelling outdoor conditions and have performed consistently and exceptionally well.

Why should I use ARK Weed Control Tarps?

Our Weed Control Tarps are black on one side and silver on the other. The black side absorbs the sunlight and creates the warm moist environment perfect for weed germination and results in better weed suppression and control as opposed to common black tarps or plastic sheets.

What makes our tarps better than just common black plastic is that our tarps are not opaque and allow for some light transference, which actually encourages weed seeds to germinate. When they germinate, they sprout into what is a fairly suffocating environment, void of air movement. Ultimately, the weeds die under the tarp and are consumed by worms and other organisms who enjoy the darkness.

Some things to consider.

Occultation cannot always kill perennial weeds, but it will generally weaken them, making removal with a shovel easier. Also consider that even though occultation will encourage earthworms and other organisms to consume plant matter, it will not rapidly break down large plant residue.

Remove as much crop residue, such as large roots and stems, as possible before applying the tarps.

In the heat of the summer, some take to flipping the tarps to their silver coloured side in hotter months so as not to harm the soil microbial life with excess heat.

Anytime you are not using an area of your farm or garden and leaving it exposed, i.e. not covered by a tarp, you are essentially leaving it susceptible to the elements. So, the winter rain will come in and wash away the top soil and erode the soil and its nutritious values. Hence it is important to keep any unused/uncropped area to be covered by a waterproof tarp in order to maintain its soil structure.

You want to preserve the tarp because you want to keep using them every season and use them at different intervals. In that sense, it is very important to protect the tarp by placing sand bags/ grow bags filled with rocks and gravel on top so when a harsh wind blows the tarp doesn’t tear or blow away. We don’t recommend using pegs to peg the tarp down or using staples of any sort because it doesn’t help in preserving the tarp and we would like our tarps to last you for multiple seasons.

Check out our weed control tarp user blog for more details and tips!

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