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Why ARK Tarps?

  • ARK Tarps are made out of XF Film, it is a sepecialised Swiss patented film that makes our tarps strong, reliable and 100% waterproof for life.
  • Our tarps are born waterproof and remain 100% waterproof for their life, they will keep anything covered under it absolutely bone dry.
  • Common poly tarps don’t offer the same qualities as our tarps, they rip and shred easily and only have a thin layer of waterproofing.
  • We give you 3-year UV guarantee that our tarps will not peel or crack due to UV degradation!
  • Our tarps are very strong and reliable, a 150GSM ARK Tarp is equivalent or greater to a 300GSM poly tarp.
  • We stock many different types and sizes of tarps for sale! Check out our extensive range of tarps and covers above, or you can use our tarp finder to find the perfect tarp for your application.
  • If you can’t find the right tarp for your requirement, please get in touch with us and we can always get it custom made for you, or help you decide on the correct tarp for you.

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