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Trailer Covers

ARK Tarps can also be used as heavy duty trailer covers.

ARK Trailer Covers are made out of XF Film, it is a specialised Swiss patented film that makes our tarps strong, reliable and 100% waterproof for life. The highly unique and specialised production process uses precise and advanced manufacturing technology to bring you tarps and covers that are unlike anything commonly found in the market.

Our Industrial Strength (200GSM) Black/Silver tarp has been designed to provide reliable and strong coverage for trailers that constantly get exposed to harsh climates and strong winds. We also understand just how important it is to keep your stuff covered and dry under a trailer, and that is why ARK Trailer Covers are a great fit, as they are 100% waterproof for the entire life of the tarp. They also don’t peel, crack or disintegrate in the sun and come with a 3-year UV Guarantee.

One of the biggest issues with trailer covers is accidental tears caused by something poking out of the trailer, or a sharp end of something being carried on the trailer. ARK Trailer Covers have a very high tear strength – accidental tears do not expand unless considerable force is applied and the covers come with Ultrasonic Welded Eyelets which are the strongest in class.

Trailer covers when on the move are exposed to strong wind speeds and that is why we highly recommend that you tie down and secure the tarp properly in order to protect it from blowing away. It is also suggested for you to throw ropes over the tarp in order to prevent the tarp from bellowing.

To ensure that you are picking the correct sized tarp for your trailer, measure your trailer and get a tarp about a metre or so bigger in length and width. This way it will ensure that your trailer is fully covered and your material is also safely secured and covered. Check out the industrial strength tarp sizes by following this link: Industrial Strength.

We stock a wide selection in our warehouse in Melbourne, and you can buy discount trailer covers directly from our warehouse and save! Check out our trailer cover tarp below!

Note – The performance of each tarp varies in accordance with the use and type of install.

Including Trailer Covers, we stock many different types and sizes of tarps for sale! You can use our tarp finder to find the perfect tarp for your application or check out our extensive range of tarps and covers here.